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A lampara is a ring net without a closing line. The lampara has a small pocket-shaped pit which is provided on both sides with large wings. These consist of a network with a top line of floats and a weighty downside. After the ship has made a circular motion, the wings are lifted simultaneously on board.

Bringing (a part of) the total catch to the land or transport it from the fishing boat to a transport boat. 

The length of the landed fish

Square fishing nets attached to two intersecting, bent sticks. At the place where the two sticks cross, a line is secured to pick up the net when fish swims above the net.

The long term average is a measure that compares for example the size of a stock to see if it is larger or smaller than the average.

English name for beugvisserij or line fishing, using lines and hooks.Engelse benaming voor beugvisserij of lijnenvisserij, waarbij met lijnen en haken wordt gevist

A fishing method whereby a long main line (40-100 km long) with transverse lines with hooks with bait is expanded. The line floats on buoys in the water column.