MSC ecolabel

The MSC ecolabel can be found on fish products that have been caught in a sustainable manner. MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent, international non-profit organisation. The organisation manages and develops a certification programme for sustainable fisheries.

MSC fisheries must comply with the MSC standard. The MSC standard is the strictest and most complete environmental standard that exists. The assessments of this standard are carried out by an independent third party. Fisheries must also take the three basic principles of MSC into account:

– Fish stocks must be healthy and not overfished.
– Fisheries do not have a significant negative impact on the ecosystem
– Fisheries must be well managed.

MSC-certified fisheries are audited annually. In addition, a complete reassessment is carried out every 5 years. You can recognise MSC certified fish by the logo below.

MSC-keurmerk | Voedingscentrum

From start to finish

MSC-certified fish is monitored throughout the chain. The control starts when the fish is caught and stops when the fish lands in the shelves of a supermarket. As a result, consumers are assured that the fish is sustainable and that it has not been mixed with products without a quality mark.

Want to know more about the MSC ecolabel? Then please visit their website.