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Sepia officinalis
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Atlantic Ocean, north-east (FAO 27)

Cultivation- / Catchmethod

Pots and traps

Fish stocks and fishing pressure
Ecosystem effects
Fishery management
Final assessment
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There is not much known about the common cuttlefish. The few data suggest a decline of the stockStock:
The fish of a particular species reproducing in the same area in the same period. 
. The common cuttlefish has a short lifecycle and grows fast. They are a bit susceptible to fishing pressure because they spawn in schools.

The focused fishery on cuttlefish with cuttlefish pots is selective and does not damage the seabed. Occasional [bycatch] has a high survivability.

The cuttlefish is included in the Common Fishery Policy of the EU. Measures are being taken for catch limits, but that is not effective enough. Management is difficult due to the lack of information about stock size and about the amount of cuttlefish that is caught.




Cuttlefish, common cuttlefish or European common cuttlefish live close to the seabed. They have 10 tentacles and a short, broad body with an internal shell, the cuttlebone. Cuttlefish get on average 30 cm long and have a short life span of  3 years old at maximum.