Fish issues


According to Article 58 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009, all fishery and aquaculture products have to be traceable in all stages of production, processing and distribution, from catch or culture to retail. This is in effect since 1 januari 2012. In the European Union there are also more strict rules in effect for the information on the product tag for fish. Among others, the origin and catching method have to be mentioned more explicitly. This should help consumers to make an educated choice. However, enforcement of the provision of the information is not a priority. The fisheries supply chain can get a damaged reputation when brands are associated with non-sustainable, and especially, illegal practices. The media also mentions more and more incidents involving forced (child)labour or human trafficking. These are directly related to the fact that fish stocks in many non-western areas have declined so much that it is very unattractive to work in fisheries. In countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand the work replaces more and more to illegal workers and children.