Fishing and farming methods

Fykes, pots and traps


Fykes are passive fishing gear which are designed in such manner that the entrance itself became a non-return device, allowing the fish to enter the trap but making it impossible to leave the catching chamber. Fykes have little effect on the environment and the survivability of the bycatch is often high.

Pots and traps

Pots and  traps are often used for demersal crustaceans. Pots and traps are baited with fresh or salted fish and placed on the seabed. Some boats land their catch daily, others save their catch for several days/weeks in water filled chambers. Target species include crab, lobster, whelk, Norway lobster and octopus. These catching methods are selective and can be considered sustainable. Lost pot and traps can however keep fishing (ghost fishing) which can be damaging.