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De Goede VIS Inkoopgids. Hét handboek dat ondernemers helpt bij de inkoop van duurzame visproducten.

Lekker en verantwoord vis eten in het restaurant? Dat kan nu via het Goede VIS op de kaart-programma.


Good Fish means fish eating with a clear concience. Cod, grilled salmon, herring, or tuna: fish is nice. But not all fish has been captured or cultured sustainably. Goed VIS is providing information on the fish and shellfish species that are on the market in The Netherlands. They are assessed on sustainability with a traffic light system.

In the near future , we will provide a translation function on this site. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the sustainability of seafood species in Europe, have a look at fishonline from the British Marine Conservation Society.